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Tiger Cubs serves as an introduction to the Scouting program. Participants join Tiger Cubs when they are six or seven years of age, or in the first grade. Tiger Cubs learn the ropes associated with Cub Scouting before graduating after a year and becoming full-fledged Cub Scouts. Tiger Cub skits should be age-appropriate and fairly easy to perform since the boys are younger than the others in the pack.

Be Prepared

  • The motto of Scouting is that every Scout must "Be Prepared." This skit helps both the audience and other Scouts remember that motto. Select four Tiger Cubs for this skit. During an evening of skits, after the other dens perform a skit, send one Tiger Cub up to the stage and instruct him to make the Scout Sign and instruct the audience to "be prepared." This will be repeated a second and third time between other skits. Finally, the first three boys return to the stage. They again hold up the Scout Sign. In the back of the room, a fourth Tiger Cub takes a drum mallet and bangs a trash can lid loudly. This will startle the audience at which point the Tiger Cubs on stage say something to the effect of, "We told you to 'be prepared.'"

Bear Attack

  • This skit is good for a den with four to eight members. Select two Tiger Cubs who will pretend to be on a campout. For this skit, you will need a tent setup and several "bear costumes." The costumes can range from masks and black clothing to full bear costumes if you have access to a community theater's costume collection. Other ideas include making a "bear mask" as an activity at a meeting. The two Tiger Cubs who are on the campout have a quick banter about who has to sleep inside or outside because there is only one tent. Finally, they each select a sleeping place. Once asleep, the bears come to attack the Tiger Cub outside and pretend to rough him up. After the bears leave, the Tiger Cub wakes up the boy in the tent and begs him to switch places, saying he was just attached by a bear. This scenario repeats a second and third time. However, after the third bear attack, the Tiger Cub in the tent finally agrees to switch with the Tiger Cub outside. As the bears start to attack again, one Tiger Cub suddenly stops and turns to his fellow bears, saying "We've beat up on this guy enough; let's get the one in the tent!"

Lobster Tail

  • Set up a table as if people were dining in a restaurant. One Tiger Cub plays a waiter while several others take seats around the table as guests of the restaurant. Try to find props, such as menus and fake seafood. If none is available, you can cut out shapes of seafood to be placed on the plates. The Tiger Cubs at the table start reading the menu. Each gets very excited about a particular piece of seafood. One says, "I'll have the bass," another, "I'll have the salmon," still another might say, "I'll have the clams," and finally someone must say, "I'll have the lobster tail!" The waiter goes off and returns with plates filled with the ordered food. He sets down the food in front of each Tiger Cub, except for the one who ordered the lobster tail. The Tiger Cub without his lobster asks, "Where is my lobster, sir?" The waiter responds, "I have it right here." He then pulls out a book and begins to say something along the lines of, "Once upon a time, there was a lobster."

Roaring Good Time

  • This is a good skit to open an evening of skits or to introduce the Tiger Cubs to the group at large. They all line up slightly off stage. The first Tiger Cub enters and "roars" proudly. Each Tiger Cub repeats this until every single Tiger Cub is on stage. Then on cue from their leader, they all say, "We are having a roaring good time!" They follow that statement up with one loud collective roar.


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