How Much Memory Can I Put in My Dell Dimension 4700?


The Dimension 4700 is a desktop computer manufactured by Dell. Released in July 2004, the Dimension 4700 uses Double Data Rate 2, or DDR2, memory at PC2-5300 or PC2-6400 speeds. Once you know the type and speed you need, the next most important memory specifications to consider are the amount your system currently has and how much it's capable of holding, also called the maximum limit.

Amount of Memory

  • The Dell Dimension 4700 comes with 512 megabytes (MB) of random access memory, or RAM. The computer has space for a maximum of 4 gigabytes (GB) of RAM between four separate slots. The memory slots can each hold memory modules up to 1GB in capacity. Installing 1GB modules into all four memory slots gets you the 4GB system maximum.


  • In order to get the highest speeds and performance capabilities out of your memory, Dell recommends installing matching pairs. The memory bay inside the Dimension 4700 features four slots separated into two groups of two. Installing memory modules with the same capacity and speed ensures you get the best performance. If the modules are of different speeds, the computer will read the faster one at the speed the slower module operates at. The desktop accepts either PC2-5300 or PC2-6400, so if you install one module of each, the system reads the faster PC2-6400 module at the PC2-5300 speed.


  • Aside from installing matching pairs when installing more than one module, you should also follow Dell's recommended configuration order, available in the Dimension 4700's manual. Dell recommends one of three configurations. First, you can install a single memory module into the connector labeled "DIMM connector 1," leaving the other three empty. You can also install a matched pair of modules into the "DIMM connector 1" and "DIMM connector 2" slots, the slots with white securing clips on either side of the module bay. The last option Dell recommends is installing two sets of matching pairs, one module in each memory slot.


  • Even though the Dell Dimension 4700 supports up to 4GB of memory, it's not all available for use. Some of your computer's hardware components and drivers require memory address space, which effectively lowers the amount of RAM you actually have to use running software. When you decide to install more memory into your computer, the Dimension 4700's manual includes complete instructions for installing the upgrade. Using the official directions will help ensure the upgrade goes smoothly.

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