"Tom & Jerry" Games

The "Tom and Jerry" cartoon series has spawned numerous games that can be played on various gaming websites. There are even several website dedicated solely to the Tom and Jerry gaming experience. These games come in all shapes and sizes, from action and puzzles to sports to strategy. Mostly they are aimed at younger gamers, and due to the sheer number of different games available, most kids should find something they like.

  1. Cat Crossing

    • Cat Crossing follows the same format as the classic Frogger arcade game. The object is to get Tom from one side of a road or stream to the other. To achieve this, a player must avoid oncoming traffic or hop onto boats when crossing water. The game is controlled by using the arrow keys to move up, down, left and right. Getting Tom to the other side will unlock the next level, encouraging players to see how far they can get with the available lives.

    Super Ski Stunts

    • This game is played from the perspective of the tow boat, looking back at a water-skiing Tom. As Tom is pulled along, squares appear showing certain stunt positions. Players must use the arrow keys to move left and right while pressing either z, x or c to perform the prompted tricks. Each level is a battle against the clock. Successful tricks earn extra time until enough points are collected to proceed to the next level.

    Point and Click

    • Point and Click is a spot-the-difference game featuring various colorful images of Tom and Jerry. The object of the game is to find subtle differences between two seemingly identical pictures. Once a difference is spotted, the gamer has to click on it to gain points. The quicker you find the differences, the more points awarded. There are 10 differences in each level. Clicking on a part of the image that has no difference will incur a penalty and the player will lose points.

    Tom and Jerry Room Escape

    • Tom and Jerry Room Escape is a strategy game where you play the role of Jerry, who has been locked in a room and wants to get out. This game is based on point and click gameplay - clicking on parts of the room will zoom in on objects. Interacting with the objects reveal items that can be added to your inventory. Certain items can then be combined to make useful tools. This game required a degree of thinking, though there is a walkthrough available should you get stuck.

    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kissing

    • The purpose of this game is to make Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Jerry kiss for as long as possible without being caught by Tom. A player clicks and holds the mouse to make Jerry kiss his girlfriend. This fills up a bar, which must be full before the time runs out to proceed to the next level. Occasionally, Tom will look in the lovers' direction, and if they are caught kissing, the game is over. The game is also accompanied by a soundtrack.

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