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Used Coke cans and bottles can be used to make many crafts. Making recycled crafts from old Coke cans and bottles is slightly easier than with some other products, because cans and bottles can be easily found either in your own home or at work. By recycling Coke cans and bottles into interesting crafts, you will be helping the environment, making creative objects and practising a new hobby you can share with friends and family.

Aluminum Christmas Angel

  • This craft is perfect for those who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on Christmas ornaments. All you need are scissors, a Coke can and a picture of an angel. Cut the top and bottom off the Coke can. Cut along the length of the Coke can as well. Flatten the aluminum into a sheet. Trace the angel onto the aluminum sheet using a marker. Carefully cut the angel out. You can add depth by folding small pieces here and there. Add a hole to the top to put some ribbon or string through it to hang it up on your tree this Christmas. The fun Coke colors will add more interest to your angel or you can use sandpaper to sand the paint off the aluminum. Spray a finishing sealer on the angel so it doesn’t rust.

Candle Holder

  • This candle holder craft is very straightforward and easy to make. Cut the bottom four inches off of a plastic Coke bottle. Decorate the outside using ribbon, paint or stickers. Add sand, small rocks or water to the bottom of the bottle to add weight. Place a tea light candle in the sand, rocks or water. Place the candle holder bottles along walks, or use them to light gardens for a candle light dinner or any other celebration.

Flower Pot

  • Wash a Coke can out and remove the top using heavy scissors or a utility knife. Spread clay or polymer clay around the top edge of the can to cover the sharp edges. Allow the clay to dry. Decorate the can with construction paper, glitter, or beads. Make a small hole at the bottom of the coke can so it can drain excess water.

Pencil Holder

  • Cut off the upper portion of a plastic Coke bottle. The upper half of a Coke bottle tapers into a smaller opening, so you want to remove this part, leaving only the bottom,cylindrical shape. This is the half you will use to make a pencil holder. Decorate the pencil holder using construction paper, glitter, beads and paint. Glue the decorative items on with white glue. Wait for the glue to dry and place your pencils, pens, scissors and other items inside your brand new recycled pencil holder.

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