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In some ways, farmers appreciate many of the same birthday gifts that everyone else does, but farmers share a special culture all their own too. They take pride in the important service they provide in putting food on tables and in sharing their love of the land and a country lifestyle. These characteristics make it easier to find the right gift for the farmer in your life.

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Using a photo print service and photos you supply, have a portrait printed on canvas and framed of your farmer doing something that expresses his personality and the work that he loves, such as carrying a bushel of apples, feeding the barn kittens a bowl of cream, walking with the farm's border collie or driving the tractor through a field. Have a T-shirt, jacket or hat printed with your farmer's specialty, name of the farm or a farm-themed saying. If you're crafty, make pillows with fabric printed using photos from the farm for patterns or pictures. Even an embroidery or a needlepoint pattern can be created from a photo, making a homemade gift.

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Give a birthday present that provides a fun morning wake-up call or replaces a standard alarm clock, such as a clock shaped after a farm animal like a rooster. Some rooster alarm clocks even crow a "good morning" tune. If your farmer has a favorite animal -- maybe a cow or horse -- consider an alarm clock made in this theme. The moos or whinnies will bring a chuckle; some also have options for traditional alarm clock bells and music. Gift your farmer with a country-style wall clock. A clock with hands that revolve around pictures of barnyard animals or plants makes a thoughtful gift for someone whose workday revolves around animal husbandry or crop growing. Offer a version of the cuckoo clock in which a cow pops out with a moo every hour.

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Some farmers maintain collections of figurines depicting a favorite animal, such as a rooster, cow, dog or horse, and these figurines may be salt-and-pepper shakers, sugar bowls and creamers. Give him a statue for the garden, backyard pond or porch. To match the home's decor, find a piece of art depicting the farmer's favorite animal. Fuzzy bedroom slippers come in the shapes of many animals, from dogs and horses to cows and sheep.

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School children are often told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but farmers don't need to be reminded. For a breakfast farm-themed gift, remember your farmer's dietary preferences; not all farmers eat meat, and many grow and eat organic. Offer a cookbook with hearty breakfast recipes that cater to personal preferences -- purchased or one you create. A farmer may enjoy a carafe to keep the early morning coffee warm. If you enjoy cooking, whip up some of your best breakfasts and store them in airtight containers for reheating.

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Since farmers spend a great deal of time outside in the elements, a welcome gift may be a practical piece of clothing, such as a well-made hat that provides warmth or shade, thermal socks, a soft, woolen or hand-knitted scarf, and those elusive gloves that provide dexterity while keeping hands warm and dry, and last for more than a season. A little less practical but possibly a big hit is a gift certificate for a snazzy pair of cowboy boots.

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Many farmers rely on the Internet for everything from planning next year's crops to training a sheep dog. Make it easy with a gift of a portable device such as a tablet. Other ideas include a subscription to a trade magazine or "Mother Earth News." A coffee-table book that celebrates farming is an appropriate gift. For the historic-minded or those with a nostalgic bent, track down a vintage copy of "Farmer's Almanac."

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