Games for Boss Appreciation Day


When Boss Appreciation Day rolls around, it's time for celebrating not only the boss, but also your company and coworkers. Get the whole company or department together for a celebration with gifts for the boss, relaxation for the employees and games for everyone.

Trivia Games

  • Play boss trivia. Have someone from another department create trivia questions for your boss to answer, such as "What's your favorite part of the workday?" Your boss should answer the questions before the party so your volunteer can mix right answers with incorrect ones for a multiple-choice trivia game. Or, play a work version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Create trivia questions about your coworkers and company and play in small teams.


  • Create a scavenger hunt with all the clues inside your office. If you have a very small office, use the whole block. Split employees into teams and give them the clues, but give the answers to your boss. Make the clues very challenging. Tell teams that they can call the boss and ask for a hint as often as they like, but each team member must pay the boss one dollar for every time they do this. You could also play boss bingo. Use existing pictures of your boss or, if he's a good sport, take pictures of him making various faces (at least 40). Make 5-by-5 bingo cards with the pictures with a short explanation underneath. You might call out "The boss when you're late with an assignment" or "The boss when his supervisor calls."

Memory Games

  • The night before the party, go into the boss's office (with her permission) and rearrange things. Move her stapler to the other side of the desk, turn her rug upside down or remove a chair. At the party, challenge your coworkers to figure out what has been changed. Or, get your coworkers' permission to remove one thing from their desks or offices, such as a motivational poster or magnet. Pick things with personality to make it interesting. At the party, assemble your coworkers and hold up each object. The first person to guess who it belongs to gets a point.

Other Games

  • Before the party, email members of another department a list of 25 work-related questions with simple answers, such as "What is the first thing you do at your desk in the morning?" Pick the top three answers for every question, split your coworkers into teams and play "Family Feud." Or, play a coworker/boss version of "The Newlywed Game." Ask employees questions about the boss, such as "What color is her stapler?" or "What time does he normally leave?" You could also simply make a list of everyday items, such as a toothpick, brown shoes, pack of tissues or a holey sock. Call out the items one at a time; the first person to produce the object wins.


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