Fun Things to Ride


Why keep your feet on the ground when there are so many fun and exciting things to ride? From boats to zip lines, the ways that humans can get around are many and varied. Don't worry about being too old or young -- there's a ride for everyone regardless of age.

On Land

  • Try an ATV, such as a four- or three-wheeler, or an extreme dirt bike or motorcycle. For a slower fun ride, try a golf cart or a Segway. More inexpensive rides include skateboards and mountain bikes. If you're headed out to a carnival, look for bumper cars; for a family theme park, you can try myriad roller coasters. If you're less of a thrill-seeker, you can always go with a fast train, an old-fashioned street car or a horse-drawn carriage.

On the Water

  • It's exhilarating to ride a sailboat, especially when the waves are strong, but you can go even faster in a powerboat. If you want to ride solo, try a jet-ski or a surf board. You also can ride a tube attached to the back of a boat or slow things down with a paddleboat or canoe. If you have a group of friends, you can ride a raft down whitewater rapids, or head to a water park and ride a tube or raft down the water slides or around the park's slow-moving "river."

In the Air

  • Head to a theme park and try some zero-gravity rides, such as a slingshot-like blast into the air or a freefall drop from over 100 feet. Take a ride in a two-person aircraft or in a helicopter. Some people enjoying riding in airplanes; the takeoff and landing can be exciting. You also could ride a hang-glider or a zip line on a canopy tour. For a big adventure, go for a ride in a blimp or a hot-air balloon.

Rides Abroad

  • If your riding budget is big, consider an extended ride on a cruise ship or on a swamp boat in the Amazon. When in Japan, ride the ultra-fast bullet train. In Kiev, ride the swinging arm in Mariinsky Park; in France, try the rides at Disneyland Paris. In London, try the iconic double-decker buses. If you need to cross the Irish Sea, jump on the ferry at Dún Laoghaire and get ready for a fun but tempestuous ride. Once in Wales, ride the very comfortable train all the way to Aberystwyth and marvel at the breathtaking Welsh countryside.


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