Fun Warm-Up Games for Meetings


Meetings can be stressful, frustrating, productive, energizing, efficient, seemingly endless, to name a few things. Preparing for a meeting by a quick warm-up game or two may help to prepare people to work together and break the ice. By bringing people closer together and creating a more relaxed environment, you might just be able to produce more open and efficient meetings.

Ball Juggle

  • If meeting members are new to one another, the ball juggle is one way to learn one another's names while also getting a little light exercise. Group members toss a small ball back and forth between them while saying the name of the intended recipient. The goal is to increase the speed of the transfer over time through the memorization of each participant's name. The game can be played with a set order or randomly.


  • In Zoom, participants are given a series of pictures that, when placed in proper order, form a sequential set. The goal of the activity is to get participants to line up according to their pictures in the proper sequential order -- without revealing their photos. Each member is given one or two pictures and the team is required to work together to decide in which order participants should line up, but they can only communicate through an oral description of their picture of pictures.

No "Yes" or "No"

  • For this game, each participant receives several tokens and moves about the room talking to other participants. Each member asks questions to the others, but no one is permitted to respond "yes" or "no" to the questions. If someone says either of these words, they must surrender one of their tokens to the person to whom they are speaking. The goal is to "trick" participants into losing their coins -- and, of course, to learn something about those playing the game.

Fact or Fiction

  • In Fact or Fiction, a group member tells a true or invented story about themselves or someone they know; the story should be unusual or surprising in some way. The goal of the game is for each participant to guess whether the storyteller is telling the truth or not -- whether the story is fact or fiction. After each person has told their story, whoever has the most correct guesses wins.

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