3-D Paper Animal Crafts


Three-dimensional paper animal crafts are simple projects made from household items. Printer paper or inexpensive colored construction paper can be used or recycle used paper products as an environmentally friendly option. Construct 3-D paper animal crafts for young children, repurpose cardboard rolls and make unique gifts. Some 3-D animal paper patterns can be printed from free online websites.

Young Children

  • Young children can craft 3-D paper animals with some adult guidance. To create a bee mobile, begin by drawing two identical beehives on yellow construction paper and glue them together. Cut out three circles from heavy card stock. Help young children draw and color bees on both sides of the paper circles. Punch a hole at the top of each bee circle and string a piece of yarn through the hole. Punch out three holes at the bottom of the beehive and connect the yarn to create a mobile.

Cardboard Rolls

  • Repurpose old cardboard toilet rolls into animals. Construct a cat by using a toilet paper roll as its body. Cut out legs, a tail and a head from old brown paper bags. Glue everything into place. Another project is crafting a horse from a used brown paper lunch bag, old newspaper and a cardboard gift wrapping paper roll. Tear the newspaper into small pieces and stuff it into the lunch bag to make a head. Place the gift wrap roll into the brown bag and secure with tape. Gently bend the head into place and decorate with paper cut out eyes and ears. Draw a mouth with a red marker. Add old brown yarn for a mane.


  • Paper may be the basis of a 3-D animal craft gift. Create a giraffe pencil holder with a paper fruit juice concentrate container. Draw a giraffe's head and neck on a piece of paper. Use this as a template to trace the image onto two pieces of thin cardboard. Cut the giraffes out of the cardboard and glue them together. Tape the giraffe to the juice container, so the container becomes the body. Decorate the pencil holder with giraffe spots using acrylic paint.


  • Three-dimensional paper animal crafts can be found online at various websites. Magical Kingdom offers printable animal crafts that you cut out and tape or glue together with tabs. Animals such as butterflies, cows and sheep are available on this site. Yamaha's website offers paper animal crafts of rare animals such as the Amazon River Dolphin and Giant Panda. The website also has rare Japanese animals such as a Japanese River Otter and Japanese Crane.

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