Craft Ideas for Champagne Flutes


Turn ordinary champagne flutes into decorated flutes for parties and special occasions, decor and personal use. With supplies purchased at your local craft store or arts supply store, you can use your flutes to create handmade crafts for yourself or to give as customized gifts for your friends and family.

Gel Candle Champagne Flutes

  • To decorate a table at a party or special occasion, turn your champagne flutes into gel candles with a few basic supplies purchased at most craft stores. For each flute, you will need to first tie a wick onto the middle of a bamboo skewer or pencil and balance the skewer over the top of the champagne flute to keep the wick standing up inside the flute. Cook the gel wax according to the directions on the package, including how to add wax color and scent. Once cooked, pour the gel into the champagne flute and stir it around a few times with another bamboo skewer to create bubbles similar to a glass of champagne. Let the gel sit for several hours to harden then cut the top of the wick from the skewer.

Painted Champagne Flutes

  • Glass paint is available at any craft store and makes it easy to decorate your champagne flutes. Designs can be freehand if you have artistic skill or with basic designs such as dots or hearts. Stencils are helpful for more advanced designs and shapes as well as letter stencils if you want to paint a message onto your champagne flutes. Place a small amount of glass paint on a piece of wax paper and dip your paint brush into it. Paint directly onto the glass or over a stencil that has been taped to the glass. Glass paint takes about 15 minutes to dry completely before you can remove the stencil.

Decorated Champagne Flutes

  • Decorate your champagne flutes with a variety of items and materials from your local craft store or that you may have in your home. Embellishments include flat-edged rhinestones, beads, ribbon, organza or lace, buttons, seashells or silk flowers. Choose your embellishments and a strong craft glue that will work on glass. Glue each embellishment one at a time by applying a dab of glue on the embellishment and pressing firmly to the champagne flute. Rhinestones may come with an adhesive backing, making it easy to decorate your champagne flutes. Decorate according to a theme such as for a party or wedding, or with colors and designs to match your decor if these are to be displayed as decor.

Etched Champagne Flutes

  • Customize your champagne flutes by etching the glass with an inexpensive etching cream and stencils of shapes or letters. To create etched champagne flutes, you will need vinyl-resistant stencils, low-tack tape, application sponge and the etching cream. You might also want to wear disposable gloves during the application process. Wash and dry your champagne flute. Tape the stencil onto your champagne flute and apply the etching cream with your sponge; you want a thick coating on the flute. Wait 20 minutes for the acid to etch the glass and rinse it off. Your champagne flute will now be etched with your design. Use one stencil or several different ones according to your preference.

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