Ideas for Pranks for a Bachelor Party


Your best friend is about to get married, but the fun isn't over. The bachelor party is your chance to celebrate your friendship with a night of debauchery and fun. Make sure you have a few pranks ready to keep the mood light and the groom relaxed. If you're the groom, you may want to read up on the types of pranks out there and prepare yourself in any way you can.

Doll Dress-Up

  • On the first night of an away bachelor party, handcuff the groom to a naked female inflatable doll. When he wakes up, let him know that he can have the key when he completely dresses up the doll in women's clothing. It's up to him to find, borrow or buy at least three pieces of clothing and return with the doll completely dressed.

Classy Key Return

  • To kick off the bachelor party early, play a prank at the rehearsal dinner. Before dinner, hand out blank house keys to several women in the room. During the best man's speech, he'll call up all of the women that still have keys to the groom's house to please return them at this time. Everyone with a blank key will stand up one by one and should be sporting a sheepish smile as they hand the keys over to the groom. Heighten the comedy by handing keys to an older man and a married couple and asking them to return their keys last.

Ink Illusion

  • Save this prank for an overnight bachelor party trip. Wait until the groom is in a deep sleep, ideally after a night of heavy drinking, and apply a realistic temporary tattoo to him. Choose a cringe-worthy tattoo, like a large butterfly, a cheesy quote, a unicorn, or a woman's name that's not his future wife.

Handcuffed to You

  • Hire someone to dress in an animal or cartoon character costurme and kick off the bachelor party by announcing to the groom that he will be spending the remainder of the night handcuffed to this stranger. At the bar, in a club, in the washroom, they must go everywhere together.

Stag Snatch

  • Time this prank to take place straight after the rehearsal dinner. As the groom exits the restaurant, possibly on his way to the car, a large van pulls up and a group of masked men (wedding guests who aren't required at the rehearsal dinner) blindfold him and load him into the van. Use loud music to mask the voices of the other passengers until you arrive at the first bachelor party location. Alert all of the appropriate people (just not the groom) before the kidnapping to avoid any surprise or panic among the other dinner guests.

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