Signs of Sugar Ant Infestation


Sugar ants are one of the hardest ants to eradicate from your home. They are also the most abundant species of ants in the United States. Sugar ants are also known as banded sugar ants. As their name suggests, they do have a particular liking for sugar, but they are opportunists and will consume any type of food source. They are considered pests because of their home invasion techniques, but they do not bite.


  • To best deal with sugar ants, you need to have the knowledge to combat them. Sugar ants invade any area where they can find food and a place to nest. They prefer dark areas and often their nests are unseen behind your walls. Spraying the ants will not be enough to exterminate them. The best way to prevent these ants from entering your home is by spraying the exterior of your house. Once you eradicate the sugar ants, continue occasional outside treatments to keep the ants at bay.


  • It is hard to miss these little ants when they enter your home. They are quick moving and usually scurry about in groups. They are also relatively small, resembling black specs on your counter. They are mainly spotted between the months of March and September.


  • Controlling a sugar ant problem is possible. Do not allow dirty dishes to pile up in the sink; the dishes and left-over food will attract them. It is best to keep the kitchen sink clean and dry. Make sure to wipe down your kitchen counters with bleach each night. Bleach breaks down the pheromones sugar ants use to find food sources. Frequently vacuum areas where food is consumed to prevent tasty morsels being left behind. It is also essential to prevent sugar ant infestations by regularly taking out the trash.


  • There are many types of baits that you can purchase to eradicate sugar ants. These baits are called sweet baits, and they contain borax, which kills the sugar ants. Baits are slow-action poison, meaning the sugar ants do not die right after consuming the poison, but they are able to take some of the poison back to the colony and feed other ants.

    If you are wary of bringing chemicals into your home, there are natural eradication methods. Using white vinegar is a great solution for killing sugar ants. Also, cloves and bay leaves are excellent solutions for preventing sugar ant infestations.

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