What Are Four Things That Make Computers Such a Powerful Tool?


Our modern world is run by computers. They can be found almost anywhere, and they control a vast number of systems. They have become so prolific because they are incredibly powerful tools. Computers make for powerful tools because of their availability, their connectivity, their ease of use and their continually advancing nature.


  • There are few places in the modern world where you are not within easy access of a computer. Computers facilitate processes like globalization by creating such a dense network. Computers are now available for usage in most environments, such as school, work and home. In a study by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, computer ownership in America jumped from 70 percent in 2002 to 76 percent in 2008. These numbers are even more dramatic in other countries.


  • Perhaps the most compelling reason for the power of the computer as a tool is its connectivity. Thanks to the Internet, people are now no more than a few keystrokes and clicks away from virtually any product or piece of information they could wish for. Before, a person might have to make a number of phone calls to place an order for a product. Now, he only has to navigate to a website. Instead of spending hours pouring over books at the library, all he needs to do is type a query into a search engine.

Ease of Use

  • There is a wide array of courses available to people, whatever their initial knowledge of computers. The workplace, schools and social institutions such as libraries often offer free courses on computer usage. With all of these resources, just about anyone can be brought up to speed to utilize the convenience and productivity increases that computers offer. Put simply, computers are a powerful tool because nearly anyone can be taught to use them in some capacity.

Progressing Technology

  • The computers of today are incredibly more advanced and powerful than computers from just a few decades ago. Every year, new developments in computer-related technologies make them even more so. This aspect of computer technology underpins all of the other reasons that make computers the powerful tools that they are. In the near future, computer technology will become even more refined and powerful than the computers of today. In addition to power, the computers of tomorrow are likely to conform to the unique needs of every individual user, making them even more effective tools.

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