Nutrition Learning Games


Whether the audience is a group of adults of children, interactive games get everyone involved in making the learning environment exciting. Make nutrition education fun by using creative games that generate interest and get each person involved.

Nutrition Bingo

Nutrition bingo is a game to use with children and adults. The game is played just like the common bingo game known to many. Create your own bingo cards and type or write the name of a different food or food fact in each square. The words in the squares should be answers to clues that will be read to the players. For example, if an orange is listed as an item, the statement might be "this fruit is high in Vitamin C." Provide plastic chips, dried beans or pasta for covering the items. As a statement is read about a food or food fact, participants who have specific foods or food facts listed on their cards cover the item. The first person who has five items covered in any direction wins the game if her items correctly match the statements.

What's in the Bag?

This nutrition learning game is suitable for young children. Place food models or real foods like fruits and vegetables in small brown paper bags and close the bags. Participants feel the items through the bags and try to determine what food is in the bag. Once they identify the food by shape, they get to open the bag and the teacher discusses the food and its health benefits.


This game is suitable for all ages. List food names and nutrition facts on index cards. Half the cards contain food names and the other half contain nutrition facts. If there are 30 people in a group, 15 get a food card and 15 get a nutrition fact. Each group member must find the individual with a card that matches his food or fact. Once the fact-finding mission is complete, each couple identifies its food and fact. The teacher then leads a discussion about each food. This game makes a good icebreaker activity or springboard for a discussion about healthy foods.

Nutrition Puzzles

There are many ideas for puzzles, word searches and similar activities on the Internet. Create a word search about food and nutrition using an online puzzle maker. Rather than listing the actual foods at the bottom of the sheet, list nutrition facts as hints for finding the words. Make this a timed activity and provide additional nutrition information at the end of the time period.

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