Crafts With Rubber Bands


That handy pliable office friend -- the simple rubber band -- does not have to be used just to tie up bags or put hair into ponytails. Nor does it have to be played with or turned into a rubber band ball to relieve the boredom of a job. The rubber band, with its elasticity, is expandable to other uses, such as making craft projects.

Rubber Band Picture Frame

  • Revamp an old picture frame by covering it in thin, multi-colored elastic rubber bands. Work out a method to wind the bands around the picture frame. It may be necessary to dismantle the frame and to wrap each elastic band around it. Push the rubber bands close together and reconnect the frame. Next make four rubber band flowers by using about six rubber bands per flower. Wind one rubber band around the center of another until you have formed a petal formation for the flower. Do this with the other two sets of rubber bands. Glue the center of each rubber band to the center of another to fix the bands together, then cut out two small circles out of craft foam and stick one foam circle to the front and back of the rubber band flower. Stick a flower in the corner of the picture frame as a decorative touch.

Rubber Band Maracas

  • Make the rubber band sing by making a pair of maracas. Use rubber bands to wrap around and cover empty dish soap bottles filled with uncooked rice, lentils or dried peas. Cover the handles with rubber bands to provide firm grip support. Weave some additional rubber bands through the rubber band surface to create texture. Do this by cutting a rubber band to create a straight length, then attaching a safety pin at the end to feed the rubber band under and over the series of rubber bands wound around the bottles to create the weave.

Rubber Band Sculpture

  • Mold rubber bands into a sculpture. Gather some different-shaped cardboard boxes and tightly cover each box in rubber bands. Assemble and stick the boxes together with strong adhesive or tie together with rubber bands to create an abstract geometric sculpture, or construct a real-life form, such as an animal, human, object or building.

Rubber Band Skipping Rope

  • If you want to keep fit, make a rubber band skipping rope. To produce the rope length connect a string of rubber bands together by looping one rubber band through another and then looping it back through itself to form a knot over the other rubber band. Make two skipping rope handles by folding over the ends two or three times to form a hand’s length suitable for a skipping rope handle. Next, wind more rubber bands around the folded rope ends until a comfortable holding thickness is reached to complete the handles, and then start skipping.

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