Cool Things to Do With 3-D Glasses


Three-D isn't as new as many people think. Back in the mid-1800s, 3-D was a big social event using an invention call a stereoscope that David Brewster invented in 1844. A stereoscope was a hand-held device that people looked through. Stereoscopes had photographic images people viewed in three dimensions. Three-D technology now is much more complicated. People either use old-fashioned glasses with two different colors of lenses or newer polarized lenses for viewing 3-D images. Try using 3-D glasses for some cool new uses.

Fun on the Computer

  • Look up You Tube on the computer, and create an account. You need an account before you set the viewing style of the video to 3-D. This puts the videos you watch in 3-D format. Put on your glasses, and watch the videos.

Create a 3-D Room

  • Create a 3-D room using different colors of fluorescent paint. Splatter the walls in different colors of fluorescent paint. Use at least 4 different colors, such as blue, green, red and yellow. Put a black light into a lamp or in the overhead light socket and turn it on. Turn off any incandescent or fluorescent light, and put on the 3-D glasses. Look around the room. The paint splatters look like they float around the room. This technique works well in a teenager's room and people who create professional haunted houses use this technique on their walls.

Check Out the Stores

  • Go to an electronic store, and check out the 3-D televisions. When you look at the screen, it looks as good as a big movie screen. Look at objects outside and inside while wearing the glasses. Some ordinary objects look like they pop out closer than other objects around you. However, Mark Pesce, a pioneer in virtual reality, warns that children could potentially suffer permanent damage from regular and extensive exposure to 3-D images. Reggie Fils-Aime, president and CEO of Nintendo of America, said he would not recommend that very young children look at 3-D. There has been evidence that extensive 3-D viewing can permanently damage depth perception. The disorder is called binocular dysphoria.

Create Your Own 3-D Movies

  • If you have two LED projectors, attach the projectors to one DVD player's output jacks. Place the projectors about 6 foot apart and turn them on. Line up the projectors so the images line up. Look at the screen. You see some strange 3-D effects. Play around with the brightness, turn up the red tint on one projector and the blue tint on the other projector and see what happens.

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