What Are Blenders Used for?


Blenders are a common appliance in homes today. They are countertop items about the size of a coffee maker. Each has a powerful motor in the base with a gear mechanism that spins blades inside of a container. The container is used as the vessel for foods to be chopped and blended and then served. There are many different uses for blenders from spreads to drinks and smoothies.


  • A smoothie is a blended drink with fruit, crushed ice, milk or cream and fruit. This frothy drink is made in a blender. First crushed ice is added to the blender, or cubed ice is pulverized in the blender. Fruit such as strawberries, bananas, mango or oranges is added to the blender. Sugar and milk is sometimes added for taste. The smoothie is blended on high in the blender and served cold right away. This drink is popular as a healthy alternative to shakes.

Frozen Drinks

  • Drinks requiring crushed ice are also made in a blender. Margaritas are perhaps the most popular. This drink combines crushed ice, a margarita mix and tequila and is served in a large glass sometimes rimmed with salt and garnished with a lime. To make a margarita in a blender add ice, margarita mix and tequila and blend it all together. Some premade margarita mixes are also available that do not require blending. Other drinks made in a blender include mudslides, which contains ice, chocolate syrup and Kahlua.

Milk Shakes and Ice Cream

  • A milk shake is blended ice cream and milk. This drink is also made in a blender by adding any flavor of ice cream and milk and blending for a few seconds. Or, for a thicker shake, add more ice cream and very little milk. Blend the ice cream to a smooth consistency and serve. Another option is to add crushed up bits of cookies, brownies or candy bars. These popular combinations offer a tasty, cool treat for the summer.

Spreads and Dips

  • A spread is something you can use on bread to add flavor, or with a sandwich. One popular spread made in a blender is a chick pea spread, also called hummus. This is created simply by adding chick peas right from a can into your blender. Season it to taste with salt or crushed red pepper and blend to a uniform consistency. This spread goes well on toasted bread, crackers and as a side dish. Dips are also made in blenders. Most dips are created from sour cream and contain blended onions or chives. Bean dip, which consists of blended beans, is made in a blender as well.

Pesto and Chopping

  • Pesto is a popular topping for pasta and chicken. It is also made in a blender. Pesto is chopped basil with cheese or a cream sauce blended to a fine paste. To blend up a batch of pesto it is best to have chopping blades on your blender, or set the blender to the chop speed setting. Blenders are also used to create other pastes and toppings. Some high speed blenders will process foods by cutting them at high speeds and forming a soup, as well.

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