Ideas for a Short Four-Person Skit


Whether you are at summer camp, belong to a Scouting organization, or are having a reunion with family members, preparing skits is a way to entertain one another. If there are four people in your group, think of scenarios that create conflict or funny situations -- so you can engage your audience.

Two Couples

  • One idea for a skit involves two couples. The catch is that within the couples, someone has dated someone else from the other couple. The directive is that during the course of the skit, the two people who previously dated keep talking about how wonderful the previous relationship was in front of the other people now in the current relationship. Think of exceptional traits that person had. When such a trait is mentioned, the person who had the trait must act it out. For example, in a skit with Cindy, Tom, Diana and Todd, Diana might say to Tom, "Oh Tom, I remember how you used to serenade me with campfire songs." And Tom must then serenade Diana. By the end of the skit, the couple previously together will fall back in love, leaving their jilted loved ones to discover each other and fall in love themselves.

At the Movies

  • This skit involves two movie critics and two "players" acting out the movie. The two movie critics sit off to the side and talk about the latest movie they saw. Think in terms of genre. Romantic comedies, horror, thriller, suspense, comedy or adventure. The movie critics describe three scenes from the movie: the beginning, middle and end. The "players" must then act out what was described. This skit can be planned in advance, or you can do it as an improv taking live suggestions from the audience.

Toothpaste Skit

  • The toothpaste skit is about conserving water while brushing your teeth. Four people line up facing the audience. The first has a cup of water and explains that there is a way a family or group of people can conserve water while brushing. He takes a swig of water and then brushes his teeth with his finger. However, rather than spitting out the water, he mimes placing his lips near the ear of the person next to him. As the first brusher deflates his cheek, the second brusher's cheek becomes full. He mimes brushing his teeth, until he "passes" the water in the same manner to the third brusher. The third brusher brushes his teeth with his finger and "passes" the water in the same manner to the fourth brusher. After brushing, he spits the water into the cup in front of him. To make the skit believable the cheeks of the brushers must deflate and inflate as the water is passed. The fourth brusher will have water pre-set in his mouth so he can spit it all out.

Department Store

  • Select a department store in your area that has a name that actually might sound like a real person's name. For example J.C. Penny, Kohls or Ross are all examples. Three members of the group come out one at a time. They proudly point to one article of clothing and mention that they just received it from that department store. For example, the first person might say, "I got this great shirt from JC Penny." The second might say, "I got this great pair of pants from JC Penny." The third might say, "I got this great pair of shoes from JC Penny." Finally, the fourth guy runs out in his underwear and says, "Hey! I'm JC Penny! Have you seen my clothes?" This skit can be expanded with more people as well.

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