Can You Undelete a Comment on Facebook?


Facebook affords you multiple means of communicating with others on your friends list, such as posting messages to your public "News Feed," making posts on your friends' "Walls" and chatting in real time. It's also possible to leave comments for others, whether on "News Feed" posts they've made or pictures they've posted to their profiles. If you delete a comment, it isn't possible to undelete it, although you can re-post the same comment again.

How Comments Work

  • You can leave comments for several items others post to Facebook. When you want to comment on something someone has posted, click your mouse inside the field that appears under the post or photo, then type whatever you want to say. Click "Enter" to post your comment. If you want to delete your comment, clicking the "x" icon that appears next to it will remove it from Facebook.

Reasons for Deleting Comments

  • Many reasons exist for which you would want to delete comments. If you make a spelling or grammar mistake within a comment, for example, you will want to delete it and start over. You might also make a comment you later regret, whether because it was mean-spirited, inappropriate or simply inaccurate. Keep in mind that when you first post a comment, Facebook notifies the user via email -- which includes the full text of your comment -- so don't delete a comment you wish you hadn't posted with the assumption that the user will never see it.


  • When you delete a comment, Facebook asks you "Are You Sure You Want to Delete This Comment?" By clicking "Delete," you confirm to Facebook that you wish to irrevocably delete the contact, whatever it was and whatever the reason want to undelete it. As Facebook completely deletes the content from its website at this point, there is neither an option to undelete nor a physical space within the comment thread where you would find such an option.


  • The simplest way to accomplish the goal of undeleting is to re-post what you wrote as close to verbatim as possible. The only circumstances under which this isn't possible are if the photo of wall post has been deleted, you've been removed from the person in question's friends or if he has blocked contact with you altogether.

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