Meat Cuts of a Goat


Goat meat is consumed mostly in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, North Africa and Middle Eastern countries. Young goat meat is light and very tender, but the meat of older goats is darker and more flavorful. The meat cuts of goat are similar to other cuts of animal meats such as cows and pigs, but the caloric content is similar to chicken.


  • The goat leg is a thick but tender meat cut ideal for braising or stewing. The upper part of the leg is the cut with the most meat. Cooking it at a low temperature tenderizes the meat even more. Moist heat methods are typically used on tougher cuts of meat but work well on the leg. It can be cooked with vegetables and made into a stew. Grilling leg meat is another way to cook it, but because it is a thick cut of meat, it should be butterflied first so it can cook quickly. Leg of goat can also be roasted at a low temperature.

Loin Chop

  • Loin chops, the part of the goat between the lower ribs and low part of the back, are some of the most tender parts of the goat. This cut of meat is perfect for grilling or sauteing. It can be easily marinated for grilling, which will further tenderize it, as well as sauteed with some butter or cooking oil. Cooking the chop to a medium rare temperature is considered the best temperature for goat loin chop. A goat loin roast can also be cooked in the oven.


  • Goat ribs, like beef or pork ribs, can be tenderized by cooking with a moist heat at a low temperature. Although goat meat is slightly tougher than other rib meat, it's just as tasty. Barbecued goat ribs are a good choice for grilling and can be also be cooked in a pan and wrapped in tinfoil for a slow cooking method. When cooked long enough, goat ribs will fall off the bone.


  • Goat shoulder (i.e., a cut of the shoulder muscle) is a tougher cut of meat goat but is perfect for braising. The tougher cuts of meat should be cooked with moist heat to tenderize it, and braised goat meat should always be cooked until well done. Marinating the shoulder first and slow-cooking it for about two hours will make the most of this cut. Shoulder is another cut that is good for stew but can also be broiled or roasted.

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