The Effects of Advertising and Promotion

Just about every organization, whether it is a school club or a major multibillion-dollar corporation, uses and needs advertising in order to stay relevant. Smart organization owners and managers take the time to create marketing plans, create advertising and promotional budgets and analyze the success of their campaigns. Learn more about advertising and promotion in general as well as potential effects on consumers.

  1. About Advertising and Promotion

    • Advertising and promotion is the process of calling attention to a product, service or company. The main difference between the two is that advertising is a long-term strategy while promotions focus more on short-term results. An advertisement or promotional campaign can have a variety of effects on a prospective consumer.

    Raise Awareness

    • One effect of advertising and promotion is to bring general awareness of a new product or service to the masses. When organizations submit these campaigns they're designed to grab the attention of the intended consumer and make the consumer aware of its existence. New companies often place advertisements and run promotions intended to make consumers aware of their new offerings. Advertisers often use humor and surprise tactics to raise awareness of a product or service. A 1993 Journal of Marketing study stated that under certain circumstances, "humorous advertising is more likely to secure audience attention, increase memorability, overcome sales resistance, and enhance message persuasiveness."


    • Some advertising and promotion campaigns simply educate consumers. The ad content contains imagery to get attention and a message to inform the viewer or listener of an important issue. For instance, public service announcements on cigarette smoking provide statistics and data to teach viewers the dangers of smoking. In some cases, the educational ads ask the consumer to take action, such as donating to a cause, spreading the word to others or inquiring about a service that can help resolve the issue.

    Inspire Purchase

    • The majority of for-profit businesses create advertisements and promotions for one clear reason: to inspire and encourage sales. An effective advertisement can inspire a consumer to act immediately, such as calling a telephone number to place an order or clicking a link online to purchase the product. In other cases, the consumer must see the ad many times before finally deciding to give it a try. Special sales promotions, such as "buy one get one free" or discount offers also encourage fast purchases.

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