Community Access Projects

Community access projects target people ranging from ages 18 to 65. A community access project offers access to public services such as Internet access and the dispensing of information for social and economic benefit to individuals in a given region. These projects eliminate idleness and its consequences.

  1. Education

    • Build up an educational center in an area faced by poverty to help curb illiteracy. These organizations provide full of subsidized financial support to those who study in the newly created education centers, buying and providing learning materials for the students at the schools, along with the teachers — often from other parts of the country — hired to teach them. Students who meet the standards set by the organization may receive scholarships.

    Youth Empowerment

    • Youth empowerment consists of investments working to build capacity for activism among youths. Involving and engaging youths teach them to give back to the community. Funds for youth empowerment are available through funds, grants or government financial budget. The government and donors provide these youths with learning materials such as books, pens and resourceful staff such as teachers and tutors. Youths who perform well earn a scholarship to study for a career in education.


    • Employment as a community access project plays a vital role in helping organizations achieve the goals they set in offering the projects. Help build a factory in a location whose inhabitants face unemployment opportunities, for example. The unemployed people willing to work at the new company can receive guidance centering on working and operating the company's particular technologies.


    • Community access projects may provide technology to the community. These projects may include provision of computers and Internet access, which can help raise youths’ level of technology literacy.

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