Easy Picture Frames to Make

Make a one-of-a-kind picture frame to express your sense of style. Purchase a plain picture frame and go to town by decorating it with with a variety of different colors, trinkets and treasures. Decorate a picture frame for yourself for a special occasion, or decorate one for a gift.

  1. Rhinestones and Beads

    • Use a hot glue gun to attach decorative objects to your homemade picture frame. Bling out your picture frame with rhinestones. Cover the entire frame with rhinestones or use the rhinestones to make shapes or spell out words. Find colorful beads to glue to the frame to make shapes. Use retro beads for a psychedelic look or purchase beads in specific colors to match the decor of a room. Shaped beads, such as hearts or stars, will add some pizazz to the frame.


    • Allow your creativity to flow and paint your homemade picture frame with any design imaginable. Use stencils if you do not have artistic abilities. Paint a frame with a solid color, checkers or stripes. The options are limitless. For a picture frame that will be used for a picture of girlfriends, paint small martini glasses around the border. Paint fishing rods and lures on a frame that will be used to showcase and prove that you once caught that big fish.


    • Create a beach theme by gluing on sea shells and sand. Purchase beach figurines, such as surf boards or sandals, and glue these to the frame. A sports picture frame can be created by gluing on trading cards, sports figurines or stickers. Celebrate the birth of a new baby by decorating a frame with his first shoes, a small rattle, baby-related figurines or other small baby accessories. Super glue or a hot glue gun can be used to attach the ornaments to the frames.


    • Purchase stencils from a craft store and use paints to add words to the picture frame. Paint words, such as grandparents or love, to give special meaning to the picture that will be placed in the frame. A paint pen is another option to write meaningful words or phrases on a frame. Cut out poems or words from a magazine and use a clear varnish to attach and seal the words on the frame.

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