Who Were the Killers in "Scream"?


"Scream" (1996), the first installment in the Wes Craven horror trilogy of the same name, follows high school student Sidney Prescott one year after the murder of her mother, Maurine. As she watches her friends and fellow students die, Sidney discovers that the masked killer after her was somehow involved in her mother's murder and isn't even one person. It's a tag team of two of the people closest to her.

Ghost Face

  • Regardless of who is in the suit in the scene, the masked killer in all the "Scream" movies is voiced by Roger Jackson. Jackson also lends his voice to the phone calls made by the killer.The serial killer dons a black and white ghost face mask, dark cape and pants, and black combat boots. A large knife is his weapon of choice, and he often makes creepy phone calls to his victims before murdering them.

Billy Loomis

  • Billy Loomis, portrayed by Skeet Ulrich, begins in the movie as Sidney's boyfriend. At the end of the film, we learn that he, along with a partner, is responsible for all the murders. His motive? Billy's father had an affair with Sidney's mother before she died and it was caught on film. Because of Maurine's less-than-perfect reputation and the desire to protect his own name, Billy agreed to go on a killing spree in the name of the person that showed him the tape. Of course, we don't learn who that is until the final movie of the trilogy. The ultimate goal was to kill Sidney, a task he prepared for by becoming her boyfriend and learning everything about her. He is eventually shot and killed.

Stuart "Stu" Macher

  • Stu Macher, portrayed by Matthew Lillard, is the half-wit sidekick to Billy Loomis. Stu lends his assistance to Billy during the murders. One would make the terrifying phone call to the victim while the other went in for the kill. Stu's broken relationship with Casey Becker led to the first attack of the movie. He had been dumped by Casey for the high school football team quarterback who is also murdered in the first scene. Stu goes on to date Sidney's best friend, Tatum Riley, until her murder in the garage at a party, and is eventually murdered at the end of the movie by a combination of Sidney and some knife wounds inflicted by Billy.

Other Suspects

  • Sidney's dad, Neil Prescott, disappeared in the early scenes of the movie, leading some to wonder whether or not he was a suspect. Billy and Stu had kidnapped Sidney's father and reveal him toward the end of the movie, bound and gagged. They were going to frame him for all the murders in town. Another suspect was Cotton Weary, portrayed by Liev Schreiber. Cotton was one of Maurine's lovers. Sidney had him put in jail when she claimed he murdered her mother the year before.

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