What Is a Bosch Condensation Dryer?


Bosch, a German consumer appliance and tools company, produces two types of condenser dryers. A condenser dryer dries your clothes like normal dryers, but the major difference is what it does with the warm air. Typically, it condenses the warm air into a collection tank or drain pipe, and then reuses this air. When your clothes are completely done drying, the dryer releases the air into your home, warming it.

Energy Efficiency

  • Condenser dryers are generally more energy efficient than traditional dryers since you don’t lose as much warm air. Instead, the used air is cycled back into the dryer. This means that your heating and cooling system does not have to add more air to your drying cycle to replace used air. You also don’t need complicated venting solutions if you cannot easily vent your dryer to the exterior of your home. As of 2011, Bosch makes two types of condenser dryers: the WTE86300US and the WTC82100US models.

Common Features

  • Both of these models are backed by the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. You receive a two-year limited warranty on the product, which covers both labor and materials. Both have a 3.9 cubic foot drum. They have a low-heat option for delicate clothing, and they feature the WrinkleBlock option, which keeps wrinkles from forming on your clothes. The Touch Up Cycle option helps you quickly dry small loads. Both have a LED status indicator light, and both only produce 67 decibels of noise. Both models are stackable.

WTE86300US Features/Specs

  • The Axxis One WTE86300US features a stainless steel drum, and the buttons and door ring are silver. Its dimensions are 33 3/16 inches high by 23 9/16 inches wide by 24 5/8 inches deep, and it weighs 101 lbs. It comes with both extremely delicate and wool cycles for sensitive clothing. It has 11 drying programs, including a start delay timer, and it has an adjustable drying temperature setting. It features the Eco-Sensor, which senses the amount of moisture in your clothing, and the sensor adjusts the heat and drying time accordingly. As of 2011, this dryer costs $1,249.

WTC82100US Features/Specs

  • The Axxis One WTC28100US has nine drying programs, including a delicates cycle, and it has the adjustable drying temperature setting. Its dimensions are 33 3/16 inches high by 23 9/16 inches wide by 25 inches deep, and it weighs 101 lbs. The door ring, buttons and dial are white, and the tub is made of Galvalume steel. As of 2011, this dryer costs $1,049.

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