Foods That Remove Acid From Your System

Vegetable juice resoters you pH balance.
Vegetable juice resoters you pH balance. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

There is a lot of confusion about removing acid from your system. There is no food that removes acid. Uric acid is formed by the body. This happens as the body metabolizes purines, which are natural substances in cells and all foods. The goal is an acidic and alkaline balance. The only way to do that is to get foods that don't cause your system to create a lot of acid in its absorption.


Our body gets nutrients from food, and supplements are those nutrients that we are not getting enough of. Taking food enzymes and magnesium before meals helps your body metabolize food with less acid. Magnesium is lost through urine in an overly acidic body. Restoring magnesium restores the balance.

Potassium-Rich Foods

Potassium is a substance that your body needs a lot of and is very easily absorbed, creating less acid production. Potassium is alkaline. which in turn reduces your acidity. Most common foods in the potassium category are potatoes, apples, orange juice, yogurt and bananas. Other potassium-rich foods like yams, skimmed milk, avocados and peaches sometimes upset people's stomachs and should be avoided if that is the case.

Complex Proteins

Complex protein foods contain a lot of liquids which help to flush the acid out of your system. Along with being more alkaline, these types of foods are rich in easily absorbed vitamins and minerals that support the digestive tract. Foods in this category are tea, berries, bananas, cabbage, celery and tomatoes. Eating a variety of these foods daily helps keep the system clear and remove acidic build-up in the body.

Drink Fluids

The more fluids you drink the more fluids your body needs to urinate. Acidity in the body is removed through urination. Besides drinking at least six to eight glasses of water every day you should also drink vegetable juice. Vegetable juice boosts the immune system while removing acid wastes as well as helping to balance your metabolism which is what produces the acid in your body.

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