What Is an Insurance Lawyer?


A lawyer or attorney is a professional who has studied law at an accredited university and gained the necessary licenses to serve as a legal representative and consultant in his state. An insurance lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in matters dealing with insurance, whether they be from the side of the insurance company or the clients that the insurance company serves.

Insurance Company Lawyers

Insurance companies often employ insurance lawyers for two reasons. First, they do so to get consultation on exactly how to word the literature involved in an insurance policy. The wording of an insurance policy must be very precise because it is a legally binding agreement that decides when the insurance company must award a claim with payment and when it does not need to make any payment because of exceptional aspects of the client's situation. Second, insurance companies employ lawyers to represent them when clients dispute a denied claim or when other parties sue clients for whom they provide liability insurance. In such cases, the insurance company's lawyer may dispute the case in an actual court session or negotiate an out-of-court settlement with the plaintiff's lawyer.

Bad Faith Lawyer

A bad faith lawyer is a lawyer that specializes in representing the clients of insurance companies who feel that their insurance claims have been wrongfully denied. While insurance companies have the right to deny claims that do not fall within the bounds of applicable coverage, they may sometimes fail to adequately investigate a claim before rejecting it or lend unreasonable interpretations to the wording of an insurance policy. In these cases, bad faith lawyers allege that the insurance company has acted in bad faith, violating the legal agreement that exists between the insurance company and the client. Bad faith lawyers may also represent clients when they feel that an insurance company is taking an excessively long time to pay benefits on a claim.

Disability Lawyer

A disability lawyer is a type of bad faith lawyer that specializes in helping clients collect on claims made for disability insurance benefits. These lawyers may work to help disabled people to receive payment from private insurance companies, but they can also help eligible individuals to collect on public insurance benefits such as Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. For cases in which disability lawyers help people to collect on public benefits, one important aspect of what they do is consultation on how to file the necessary paperwork correctly.

Malpractice Lawyer

A malpractice lawyer is someone who represents clients who have suffered harm because of the professional misconduct or excessive negligence of another party. An industry in which malpractice lawyers are very active is the medical industry: If a surgeon makes a serious mistake while performing surgery and thereby harms his patient, a malpractice lawyer may represent the patient by filing a lawsuit against the surgeon. Although malpractice lawyers are not necessarily insurance lawyers in the strictest sense, they do need to have a firm understanding of insurance issues. In most cases, the party from which a plaintiff would collect in a malpractice case would be an insurance company from which the physician has bought malpractice insurance rather than the physician himself. A malpractice lawyer can also be a lawyer who defends the interests of an insurance company that provides malpractice insurance.

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