The Best Parenting Magazines

Good parents are not born, they are made -- by knowledge gained through life experiences. To learn and grow as a parent, it is beneficial to pick up a parenting magazine and read about things you don't know or want to know more about. Parenting magazines offer the reader firsthand advice and insight into the situations that may come up while raising children.

  1. "American Baby"

    • "American Baby" is one of the best magazines for new parents and those who are expecting. It is full of informational articles pertaining to the development of young children. This magazine is ranked the No. 1 parents magazine for 2010 by This ranking is based on the 2,002,812 units in circulation. You can order 12 issues to be sent once a month or purchase it in stores. "American Baby" offers information on new baby products, child care and baby fashions. It also provides information about health and medical situations that may affect a mother during and after pregnancy.


    • "Parenting" is a well-respected magazine in the world of parent information. Many people start their subscription to "Parenting" magazine when they are in childbirth classes. It contains articles geared to child development and children's health. There is also a section where "Dr. Sears" (William Sears, MD, and Martha Sears, RN) answers the questions of parents who submit them. This magazine offers advice for couples with the issues they may have before and after childbirth. "Parenting" publishes 12 issues every year, one per month. The 2,205,343 units in circulation make it one of the most widely read parenting magazines on the market.

    "Parenting Early Years"

    • "Parenting Early Years" is a magazine that focuses on the first five years of childhood. This magazine provides helpful information about the feeding, caring and clothing of your child. It also offers answers to health questions and discusses the topic of education. "Parenting Early Years" is ranked No. 3 by in its 2011 poll. It offers 22 issues per year that you can have delivered to your home. You can also purchase this magazine in stores or buy it online. Its circulation of 2,185,236 magazines reflects its popularity.

    "Babytalk First Months"

    • "Babytalk First Months" is designed to give parents of newborns the answers and help they need to raise a healthy baby. It provides the reader with ideas and suggestions for food, games and educational resources that are beneficial to children. This magazine is ranked No. 1 in parenting magazines for 2010 by Cision Navigator. The ranking list was established by using audited numbers that show 3,384,309 issues of this magazine in circulation. It can be found online, or you can subscribe and have it delivered to your house.

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