Tools for Log Debarking & Cutting


For many years, workers called bark peelers did all the work from cutting down the trees, peeling off the bark and then taking the bark to the tannery. Technology has come a long way since then, developing numerous tools for debarking and cutting. Debarking tools consist of many parts such as debarking holders, debarking shoes, inserts and spikes. Today’s wood processing industry does not necessarily include strong woodcutters because workers can select from a vast array of power cutting tools to do the work.

Drum Debarker

  • The drum debarker is better for small diameter logs compared with ring debarkers. Workers have used the drum debarking tool for hundreds of years. They place logs into a drum that rotates and tumbles them. The logs hit against each other or against the walls of the drum, which removes barks. A drum debarking system provides a lengthy product line, best for newsprint, fine paper and liner-board. To help the process, workers add water to the drum.

Ring and Rosser Debarkers

  • Ring debarkers have centered in-feed rolls to navigate log into the debarking system. A ring or rotor rotates around the log. They use special tool arms to hold the log firm. Ring debarker can handle both softwood and hardwood. Unlike the Ring debarker, Rosser Head debarker is best for slow operations. This debarker uses spinning blades that move along the rotating log to remove bark. The advantage of this debarking model is low maintenance. You can customize a Rosser debarker for specific application.

Power Cutting Tools

  • These tools cut the wood faster than hand tools. Circular saws are best for quick and straight line cuts. jigsaws are good when you have less space for maneuvering. Jigsaws can make straight lines or curved line cuts. To cut doors without unhinging them, use door-trimming saws. Alligator saws are for all purposes and can cut different materials, from wood to thermal blocks. The most accurate is the mitre saw for cutting off picture frames or similar.

Hand Cutting Tools

  • Hand tools are often better for simple tasks that do not require complete precision. A ripsaw has large teeth and cuts with the wood grain. As its name suggests, a two-men saw requires two persons to do the job. To make cutting easier, use a sawbuck. Crosscut saws offer larger and smaller numbers of teeth. The more teeth a saw has, the easier to make fine cuts.

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