DIY: Bachelorette Party Ideas

With the invitations, favors, restaurants and bar tabs, and the Chippendale show or strip club, the expenses of a bachelorette party can quickly add up. The maid of honor and bridesmaid are already spending a lot of money on their dresses for the wedding. So save yourself a little money by throwing a bachelorette party at home and making your own food, decorations and games.

  1. Food

    • Instead of throwing a bachelorette party at a restaurant or bar where you would pay more for food and alcohol, have the party in your home and make the food. Invest in some inexpensive adult ice cube molds found at novelty stores or online retailers, and make phallic-shaped ice cubes, Jell-O shots or chocolates. Use cookie cutters to make phallic-shaped cookies. Decorate cupcakes and cakes to look like men's private parts by using frosting. Buy the alcohol and ingredients you need mix sex-themed drinks, such as a Sex on a Beach, Red-Headed Slut or Mountain Dew Me.


    • Along with the traditional streamers and balloon decoration, give the party that bachelorette vibe by making a collage of naked or half-naked men. Cut out pictures of sexy men, such as male celebrities at the beach or men in ads. You can also cut out pictures of men posing in "Playgirl" magazine. Glue them to a large poster board and hang it in the party room. But bachelorette parties don't have to be all about sex. Put together a collage of photographs of the bride out with her girlfriends as a tribute to her days as a single woman.


    • Traditionally at a bachelorette party, the bride wears a veil so everyone knows the party is for her. Instead of spending extra money for a real veil, make one yourself taking the bride's sense of style into consideration. If the bride is traditional, use a hot-glue gun to affix a piece of lace onto a cheap plastic headband. Or if the bride is a little more untraditional, decorate a white trucker hat with fabric markers.


    • Use items you already have around the house to come up with fun bachelorette party games. Set up a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. Divide the party-goers into groups. Each group chooses a member to act as the bride. Using a limited supply of toilet paper, the group dresses the bride in dress made out of toilet paper.

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