Candy Theme Christmas Tree Ideas


Candy of any type can make a festive addition to your Christmas tree. Candy is inexpensive and plentiful and many brands offer seasonal colors ideal for holiday decorating. Make your own candy trees and tree decorations if you enjoy crafting, or purchase ready-made candy items to decorate your Christmas tree. Carry the theme throughout the home by pouring colorful candies into Christmas tree-shaped bowls and plates and making miniature displays featuring your favorite candies.


  • Use a thick tapestry needle and a long strand of dental floss to string soft candies like jellybeans, gumdrops and marshmallows into a garland for your tree. Select candies in seasonal colors for added appeal. If you prefer to make a garland using harder candies, use hot glue to attach wrapped candies to a long strip of satin or grosgrain ribbon. Wrapped hard candies life peppermints and lozenges work best for this, and the candy does not need to be unwrapped to make the garland.


  • Use different shaped candies to create ornaments to hang on your tree. You can glue pieces to foam forms or fill clear plastic Christmas ornaments with colorful candies like M&Ms or Skittles. Both foam shapes and clear fillable ornaments can be found at craft supply retailers and some big box stores. If you prefer to make ornaments that will last for years, paint round wooden shapes to look like Christmas candies and use faux candy canes and ceramic chocolates to decorate your tree.

Mini Trees

  • You can make an entire tree from candy using a foam cone shape as the base. Use toothpicks to attach gummy candies like spice drops to the tree, covering the foam surface completely. You can use hot glue to attach other candy types, or purchase predecorated mini trees at a Christmas craft fair or from a home decorating retailer.


  • If you have small kids or pets in the home, be sure to keep the candy used for decorating your Christmas tree out of reach. Most of the candies used for decorating purposes are small enough to pose a choking hazard for small kids, and chocolate candies are dangerous to both cats and dogs. Don't forget to discard any ornaments or garlands made from real candy. They will not be able to be reused the following Christmas, and may attract insects and other pests if stored.


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