Tips for Kids Who Want to Write an Essay About the Environment

In spite all of our technology, our environment supports and sustains us. Keeping it in good health is necessary for our survival as a community, a country and a species. Write an essay to develop your opinion about water conservation, global warming, pesticides, fossil fuels and other important environmental issues of our time.

  1. Know Your Audience

    • Word your environment essay for your audience. if you're writing the essay as part of a school unit on the environment, you can assume your reader already knows what you're talking about. Don't waste space explaining simple concepts that you have already gone over in class. For example, if your class has spent a unit studying aquifers, you don't have to explain what the term "aquifer" means or the basic characteristics of aquifers -- your class and your teacher already know.

      If you are writing for an audience that may not know as much about the environment as you do, however, you should give more background information. For example, if you write a letter into the local newspaper asking for your community to protect its aquifers, explain what aquifers are, what the history of your local ones is and why they need protection.

    Narrow Your Essay Down

    • The environment is a topic that stirs up a lot of passion, so it can be tempting to make broad, sweeping statements about it. Nevertheless, your essay will be more effective, more interesting and more compelling to the reader if you keep it narrow. One way to narrow it down is to focus on a local environmental issue. Instead of saying, "we should save the wetlands from developers," say "The Johnsonville Wetlands should be designated as a state park because they are a crucial environmental resource to our county." Alternately, narrow it down by focusing on one particular part of an issue. For example, instead of saying, "The government should increase spending on alternative transportation to help combat global warming," focus on the importance of bike lanes, bus routes, carpool programs or some other specific means of transportation.

    Consider Different Types of Essays

    • Just because an essay is about the environment doesn't mean that it has to be an argumentative essay (unless your teacher says it does, of course). If you prefer, write a narrative essay about how you came to understand the importance of the environment or why you feel passionate about a particular environmental issue. Alternately, write a descriptive essay about a particular spot in the woods or in another natural location.

    Use Community Resources

    • Many communities have resources to help kids like you learn about the environment. Contact local science and natural history museums, nonprofit environmental groups and science outreach organizations to learn more about the environmental issue you want to study. They may be able to give you information on local, regional and global environmental issues.

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