Courses for an IT Diploma

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IT diploma courses range from design to programming languages.

IT diplomas, also known as information technology, are typically a one- to two-year program with an emphasis in computers or software. Those who graduate with an IT diploma are able to find work in computer-related industries, such as the IT department of a large corporation or work as a database administrator. The courses associated with an IT diploma vary according to the emphasis of the diploma; however, some of the courses are universal no matter the specification.

  1. Desktop Publishing Tools

    • Throughout the coursework for an IT diploma, students will typically have multiple courses in desktop publishing. Desktop publishing is defined as using software programs to create documents through graphic design, typesetting and page layout. While the type of desktop publishing courses required vary from institution to institution, some of the more common courses may include those dealing with photograph manipulation, flash creation and an introduction to desktop publishing methods.

    Computer Networks

    • Computer network courses inform students how a group of computers communicate through a single network. For example, the Internet is a massive computer network. Students wishing to take on IT jobs at companies must be proficient in computer networking as linking company computers is a common task. Some of the topics learned within this type of coursework may include network basics, terminology and information regarding file-transfer protocol and domain name servers, or DNS.

    Computer Security

    • As an IT professional, students must understand how to make a computer network secure. Due to the rising threat of cyber attacks through hackers, computer security is vital to the success of a digital environment. Computer security coursework within an IT diploma program may vary; however, most diploma programs cover topics such as computer security fundamentals, introduction to IT security and safeguarding of personal identification information. While some diploma programs may not require Security+ certification, another potential course within this topic includes Security+ certification preparation.

    Programming Languages

    • Computer programming languages are used to create web pages, software programs and procedure programs. The number of programming languages is ever-evolving as technology becomes more advanced; however, some of the basic languages remain popular even throughout the constant tech alterations. While an IT diploma may not require extensive knowledge with computer programming languages, most students will take basic-level programming courses. Some of the courses may involve learning Internet programming languages, such as Javascript or HTML, as well as software programming languages such as C++ or Java.

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