Christmas Activities for Middle School Students in Language Arts

Christmas is the time of year when many teachers do all they can in order to organize holiday-themed activities in the classroom. For language arts teachers, there are a variety of different activities that tie in with the holidays. Since children often respond well to holiday-themed activities, this can be a great way to elevate a student's interest in learning.

  1. Christmas Acrostic Poem

    • Acrostic poems are great exercises that allow for students to use their imagination while sticking to a fairly rigid format. Each student selects a Christmas-themed word (such as "snow") and uses each letter as the starting point for a line in a poem. Challenge the students further by asking them to gear their poem towards a particular holiday memory that they might have.

    Christmas Story Analysis

    • There are countless stories available that deal directly with the Christmas season, making it a great time to analyze a particular text in classroom format. Choose a short, enjoyable text and assign it as reading homework for the students. Spend the next one or two class sessions analyzing the story, picking out key themes and metaphors that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    Christmas-themed Crossword

    • Crossword puzzles can be very useful in getting a child to think outside the box. Create a Christmas-themed crossword to be done over the course of a class period. For added effect, award a prize (such as a candy cane or ornament) to the three students who finish the crossword puzzle first.

    Christmas Card Activity

    • Spend a class period teaching your students how to create a Christmas card for family members. Ask each student to write a short, Christmas-themed poem or saying, as well as a personal note addressed to the family member or members of their choice. Encourage the students to be creative by adding a sketch or other artwork to their Christmas cards.

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