Family Movie Night Ideas


Family movie night is a great way to bring your family together and save money. To make it more fun, try these ideas which will get the entire family involved in the preparation. Everyone is sure to enjoy a night they had a part in planning. You will all bond over the movies, snacks and good company. Before long, everyone will be looking forward to it.

Commit To It

  • Make your movie night an official part of your family's schedule. Whether it is once a week or once a month, have each family member commit to family movie night. That means no excuses and no backing out.

Pick Movies

  • Each week, have a different family member choose the movie the family will watch. No matter what movie is picked, the rest of the family cannot complain or argue. Another idea is to do theme nights. One night could be dedicated to classic movies; another night can be dramas. Of course you can also switch your themes depending on the time of year, like thrillers around Halloween, holiday movies for December, and romantic comedies for Valentine's Day. This is not only fun, but it also assures there is something to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Make Snacks

  • Making popcorn definitely sets the scene and mood for movie night. Add other movie theater snacks if you want to simulate your movie-going experience. To mix it up, get creative and make your own. Maybe one night it can be ice cream sundae night. Another night bake chocolate chip cookies. Have the kids get involved by voting a day or two before the family night or making the snacks themselves. This way everyone has a say and the excitement builds.

Set the Scene

  • Cozy up with a warm fire if it's a cold night. Have lots of comfy pillows and warm blankets to cuddle up with. Turn off the lights or just turn them down low. Turn off all cell phones and put away any other distractions like laptops. If you are watching more than one movie, take a break in between. This way during the movie everyone is present and focused, which is the whole point of family movie night.


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