Workplace Social Outing Ideas


Many employers work to strengthen their office community by arranging social outings for their employees. By planning events of this type, you can encourage your employees to get to know each other better and give them the opportunity to join together in having some fun. To reap the benefits of outings of this type, plan several throughout the year and encourage employee attendance.

Field Day

  • Your employees likely have fond memories of field days from their youth. This common school outing can easily be adapted to the workplace, giving your workers the chance to get some fresh air, join together in competitive challenges and show their athletic skill. Plan a field day during work hours and give employees leave to attend. Arrange a three-legged race, sack races, relay challenges and a tug-of-war for your employees to enjoy.

Movie Trip

  • Taking in a film is a popular pastime that employees can enjoy together. Select a movie that you feel your employees will enjoy, or one that is germane to your industry. Purchase tickets for your employees as well as snacks and drinks. Plan the trip for immediately after business hours and carpool to the cinema.

Amusement Park

  • Amusement park outings give not only employees, but also their family members, time to mix and mingle. Contact a local amusement park and inquire about corporate discounts. Many parks will give your company a discount if you purchase a set number of tickets, or allow you to arrange a corporate outing at their park for a reduced rate. Advertise your event to employees, inviting them to bring their family members to join in the fun. Plan the event on a work day or during the weekend if you have no days to spare in your busy business calendar.

Sporting Event

  • Encourage employees to join together in rooting for the home team by arranging a sporting event outing. Buy a block of tickets to a professional or college sporting event in your community. Sell these tickets to employees, or give them out for free as a reward for their hard work. Build up to the event by decorating the office in team colors during the week of the event or by offering employees the opportunity to dress down as long as they wear team hues.


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