Employee Service Award Gift Ideas


Many employers show their gratitude to their long-loyal employees through the presentation of service awards. By giving employees who have been with your company for an extended time a gift in recognition of their efforts, you make it clear how much you appreciate their dedication to your company. Additionally, employee service awards serve as a visible way for other employees to see how long their colleagues have been in service to the company, potentially causing them to aspire to the same business relationship.

Leather Briefcase

  • Give your employees a useful gift by buying them leather briefcases. Present a leather briefcase to any worker who has been with your company for a set amount of years. Have the briefcase embossed with your company's logo as well as the employee's initials and perhaps even the number of years of service. While this gift would be useful for any worker, it is particularly appropriate for those who often take work home with them or complete much of their work on the road.

Lapel Pin

  • Create a wearable service award by having a lapel pin created for your long-term employees. Select a label pin that features your company logo. Have the phrase "___ years of service" printed below this logo, making it clear what the pin represents. Encourage employee recipients to place the pins on their lapels or attach them to their name tags so the token is always on display.

Engraved Travel Thermos

  • If your employees delight in a few warm cups of coffee to start the morning, an engraved travel thermos will prove the ideal gift for long-standing employees. Buy a thermos with a metallic surround, and have your company logo, the number of years of service and the employee's name or initials etched into the side. Pair this gift with several pounds of coffee or another coffee-themed addition.

Business Card Holder

  • Provide your employees with a place to store their business cards in style by giving them business card holders after they have been with your company for several years. Order leather or metal card holders with your company logo printed on them. Have the employee's name and title printed on the card holder before giving it to him. Also, you can print new business cards for the longstanding employees on which their years of loyal service are noted.


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