Small 16G Turbo Trim Specs


The Mitsubishi Small 16G 60 trim turbo is a very common turbocharger used in custom turbo kits. The 16g turbos are plentiful, inexpensive and relatively easy to fit and install on many vehicles, while at the same time big enough to produce decent horsepower.

Small 16G Turbo Basics

  • The Small 16G turbo is very similar to Mitsubishi's Big 16G, the only difference being the latter's slightly larger compressor wheel. Various modified versions of 16G series turbochargers were also fitted to the later generations of the Mitsubishi Evolution. The only difference between any two 16G turbos is the compressor wheel's diameter. The model code for all Mitsubishi 16G turbos is TD05H.

Compressor Side

  • The Small 16G turbo has a unique compressor wheel that is slightly smaller than the Big 16G's, thus the name. On the Small 16G, the compressor side's inducer diameter is 1.830-inches. The exducer's diameter is 2.365-inches. This ratio makes it a 60 trim turbo. The compressor wheel's housing is coded as TD05H-16G.

Exhaust Side

  • The Small 16G turbo's exhaust turbine, or "hot side," is identical to the other 16G series turbochargers. It has an inducer diameter of 2.20-inches, and an exducer diameter of 2.20-inches. The exhaust turbine's housing is coded as TD05H-7cm^2. This is the same housing used on the other 16G turbos.

Flow Characteristics

  • At 15 PSI, the Small 16G turbo flows air at 505 cmf. This is identical to the flow rate of the other 16G series turbos. The Small 16G only gives up performance to the bigger models at the top end of boost pressures. For example, on the Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, the Small 16G turbo's max output at 22 PSI can produce roughly 345-365 horsepower, about 20 less than the Big 16G turbo. This is due to the Small 16G's smaller compressor wheel being less efficient at high boost pressures.

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