Front Wheel Axle Noise in a Polaris RZR


The Polaris RZR is a line of light vehicles for both sporting and off-road utility. Its rugged, compact design is augmented by a low center of gravity and a relatively wide profile. These design elements create the foundation for a stable ride, and the addition of a powerful 4-stroke twin cylinder engine give the RZR a peppy performance. Despite these positive attributes, the RZR has a number of front-axle noise issues that plague most users.

Brake Issues

  • The high power of the RZR's engine is great at producing the torque needed for a sporty drive, but the same power must be reigned in when braking. Unfortunately, this constant stress takes its toll on the front brakes. Many RZR owners that have reported front-end noise have discovered that failing brake linings are to cause for creaking, popping and squealing noises. This problem usually takes weeks to manifest, however, so is unlikely the cause in a newer purchase.

Bearing Failure

  • The RZR is designed for a wide range of off-road activities, but it is not immune to wheel stress and torsion. If you are using the RZR in a particularly rocky or uneven terrain, the constant small but steady impacts upon the wheels can create damage to the wheel bearings. If you are a fan of "making donuts" in your RZR, you may also be subjecting your wheel bearings to unusual wear. This problem manifests as a growling noise.

CV Joint Problems

  • The front constant velocity joint is subjected to considerable strains under normal operations but is particularly vulnerable to the stresses put upon it during operations on exceptionally rugged terrain. Manufacturer defects sometimes manifest relatively quickly in the life of your RZR. Issues with the CV joint can develop within days of owning the RZR or gradually over time. They are generally indicated by clicking and snapping sounds for the outer joints with additional vibration for the inner ones.

Spacer Issues

  • One of the most common front end noise issues seems related to spacers on the front-end locking mechanism on the front axles. This problem is less often related to operation than design and can manifest itself almost immediately after purchase. This issue is indicated by a loud clicking or popping noise that happens when the wheels are turned and intensifies when they are turned at extreme angles. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as adding an additional 2 mm spacer.

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