Children's Games from the 90s


The 1990s saw a new spin on games for children, such as utilizing electronic components in board games like Mall Madness and Shark Attack. Many games had memorable jingles that can be found today on YouTube. In the late 1990s Cranium was introduced, leading to a series of games designed to bring out the best in everyone.

Shark Attack

  • Shark Attack is a motorized "race and chase" game from 1991. The object of the game is for the players, or colored fish, to outrun the automated shark that chases the fish and chomps down on losing players. The dice featured colored dots, each representing a colored fihs. When your color comes up, you move one spot in hopes of escaping the shark. The fish that remain uneaten win the game.

Thin Ice

  • Thin Ice is a board game from 1992 that involves two stacked rings. The bottom ring is a water-filled chamber, while the top ring is used to house stretched tissue, a pack of which comes with the game. The players take turns taking a water-soaked marble from the bottom ring with a pair of tweezers and placing it on the tissue of the top ring. The player who causes the tissue to break loses the game.

Mall Madness

  • Mall Madness is a shopping-themed board game from 1990 that features an electronic component. Players listen to the "voice of the mall", or the electronic console, at the beginning of the game to hear the mall's sales and bargains, and then embark on a shopping spree that takes players from store to store. Push the console at the beginning of each turn to find out where to go for the best sales and stop at the bank if necessary to get more money using player credit cards. The first player to purchase six items wins the game.


  • Cranium is a board game that came out in the late 1990s for four or more players. The game was designed to ensure that everyone does well and has fun. Divide family and friends into teams of two or more. The first team's game piece to make it all the way around the board and into the "Cranium Central" in the center of the game wins. Teams must attempt activities as they play from cards in one of the four activity boxes. Activities can include sculpting, spelling words backwards and performing. Successful attempts at activities mean you can roll the colored dice again to move your game piece. Unsuccessful attempts mean you stay where you are.

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