Objectives of Business Research


Before a business conducts any research, whether it is simply to gather information or for something specific, the company executives must have a set of objectives to guide the research. Before starting any research, the objectives must be clearly defined. Business objectives are often listed at the beginning of the research reports and are often understood as research goals.

Research Problems vs. Research Objectives

  • The research problems often get mixed up or compared to the research objectives in general business reports. This is because both the research problems and the general objectives are outlined in the basic report overview and introduction. However, there is a large difference in the two terms and both play important roles in the business research reports. The problem outlines what is wrong or not working well, since the research needs to take place. For example, the problem could be that one of the company's products has dropped in sales. The research objective is a list of things that the report will discuss that could be potential research routes or goals. To use the same example above, research objectives could be to collect research from direct customers, get product feedback and develop new products that are in demand as replacements.

Reasons for Objectives

  • Research objectives for a business serve as a method of keeping the project on track. During the research, employees may find alternative routes or answers that appear to be more interesting than the goals or objectives outlined in the report. Although these new discoveries should not be ignored, they should be compared to the original objectives and see how they impact the original goals. If company executives are interested in the new findings, another research project may be launched with new objectives. Thus, the objectives are outlined and used to keep the research and project in question on the right track and direction.

How to Use Research Objectives

  • Using the research objectives will differ for each individual project in question. While some use the objectives as a comparison tool to every bit of information or research that is gathered throughout the project, others use the objectives to develop a research plan, complete interviews and write an analysis. The role of research objectives will differ greatly for each project, as some use them as a goal, rather than a research structure tool.

Types of Objectives in Business

  • The types of business objectives can differ vastly depending on the business and the type of research it wants to find. An example of research objectives can include giving employees a wide variety of information from different departments in the form of reports from human resources, accounting, marketing and customer service. Another objective can be to gather information for a specific product in question to determine whether or not it is in demand.

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