Internet Advertising Vs. TV Advertising

Television and Internet advertisements are effective forms of advertising.
Television and Internet advertisements are effective forms of advertising. (Image: www and internet image by mbs from

Television and Internet advertising are both effective, but advertisers must analyze the differences and decide which medium is more suitable for their products and services. Factors such as production costs and targeted markets are important in making a decision. Ultimately, trial and error may be the best way to figure out which medium will work best for you.


Americans spend hours in front of a television screen each day, attracting a vast audience for TV advertising. The Internet attracts a growing audience vying for the same buying public. More and more, companies are insuring that they have an online presence to garner their share of the marketing pie. When it comes to targeting the audience for more efficient advertising, television is generally considered broad while Internet advertising can be more specifically targeted. Internet advertising can reach beyond borders and draw audiences from across the globe, reaching the target audience on an international scale.

Strategies and Tracking

Television advertisers can use strategies like advertising children’s products during the daytime hours and airing commercials for men during football games. Internet advertisers can use software to match advertisements with content read by the target audience. In addition, Internet advertising can track the numbers of people viewing their ad and how many visits to the company website result from advertising. Television advertising is difficult, if not impossible, to track.


Television advertising can be expensive, while Internet advertising can reach a larger, targeted audience for less. For example, advertisers on Google can bid to be charged only when viewers click on the Internet advertisement, with bidding typically starting at a nickel or dime for each click. Producing television advertisements is notoriously expensive, with costs for writers and actors. Television air time is pricey compared to Internet advertising costs.

Other Pros and Cons

Television allows advertisers to demonstrate the product and send the advertising message with interesting visuals which has a high impact on consumers and make the product packaging familiar to the consumer. TV ads can also help brand your company and make it recognizable. However, making changes to a television commercial can be costly. Also, with the advent of DVR, some people elect to tape their favorite shows and replay them while fast-forwarding through the commercials.

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