Zombie Shooting Games


Zombie shooting games are exactly what the title suggests they are. The goal is to shoot as many zombies as possible before they get you. These action-adventure games generally center on a protagonist trying to survive a zombie onslaught. The character typically has multiple weapons, and there is usually an element of horror beyond the zombies.

"Left 4 Dead"

  • "Left 4 Dead" is one of the kings of the zombie video world. Its maker, Valve, reported in 2009 that more than 2.5 million copies were sold in its first five months of released. It spawned a sequel in 2010 that also sold well. Players control a group of characters attempting to escape a town overrun by infected people who have turned into zombies. The weapons include shotguns, rifles and a rocket launcher.

"Resident Evil"

  • "Resident Evil" made its debut in the late 1990s. It was so successful that by 2009 it had spawned four sequels and a movie franchise starring Milla Jovovich. The player operates one of several people attempting to uncover a conspiracy related to a virus that transforms people into zombies. "Evil" has its share of gore, but it also calls for the player to figure out some puzzles.

"Dead Space"

  • "Dead Space" from 2009 emphasizes horror over action and players frequently have to search for ammunition. The player's character is Isaac, an engineer trying to escape from a spaceship overrun by zombies. Isaac can destroy or dismember the enemy. If Isaac is low on ammunition, shooting a zombie in the leg will prevent it from reaching him.

"Call of Duty: World at War"

  • "Call of Duty: World at War" is mostly about controlling soldiers in a World War II environment. However, there is a bonus level where the enemy switches from Axis and Japanese forces to zombies. The zombies have to be shot down before they enter the home base of the Allied forces. The zombies come faster with each level. The mode was such a hit that extra zombie "maps" were added for online players.

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