How to Make Pistachio Nuts Stick to Brie


Soft and easily spreadable, creamy brie is even more delectable enclosed within another food, such as puff pastry or dried fruits. A decadent pistachio-topped brie is a creamy, nutty spread with a delicate sweetness that complements apple slices, crackers and crusty bread. Use one or more tricks of the trade -- which often involve specific ingredients or an extra step or two -- to help the pistachios adhere to the brie.

Dip and Dredge

  • "Baby" bries or regular brie wedges are small enough to fit into a dipping mixture, which helps pistachios better adhere to the cheese. A couple of eggs and an equal amount of cream whisked together makes a proper dipping medium for chopped nuts. Immerse the entire piece of cheese in the dip, shake off the excess egg dip, then press it into a shallow bowl of chopped pistachios. Press the cheese firmly into the nuts on all sides. Because it includes eggs, this brie dish must be oven- or pan-roasted before serving.

Remove the Rind

  • A brie wheel's interior provides a much more yielding surface than its rind. Remove the top rind to give the nuts a softer surface on which to cling. Use a knife to lightly trace the diameter of a circle on top of the cheese, then slip the knife under the rind and pull up. Peel the rind as you go but leave the cheese underneath intact. The circle doesn't have to be perfect, because the nut layer you press on top will soften the edges. Chill the brie before baking or bringing it to room temperature.

Soften the Skin

  • When you prefer to leave the rind -- sometimes called the skin -- intact, take steps to make this harder surface more hospitable to the nuts. Bake the brie in a 350-degree-Fahrenheit oven for about 10 minutes to partially melt the surface. Lightly score the top and with a knife, then press the toasted nuts over the surface of the cheese.

Sticky the Surface

  • Get pistachios to stick to brie by using an edible "glue." Brush honey or apricot ham on the top and sides of a whole brie, then press the nuts over the sticky topping. Or include the nuts in a butter-sugar syrup that's melted in a saucepan. Thicken the sticky nut syrup with a bit of flour, if desired. Then slather the nutty coating all over the brie.

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