Can a Pedometer Be Used for Jumping?


Recording exercise statistics is a simple way to calculate pace, calories burned, weight-loss averages and personal capabilities over time. A pedometer is a recording device that uses a pendulum system to detect motion. It will react to jumping and count your repetitions allowing you to perform calculated routines and track your progress. Several jumping exercises can make use of a pedometer alone or with other equipment to aid and improve your jumping-exercise regime.

Jumping Rope

  • Jumping rope is an affordable cardiovascular exercise that involves rapid motion of your lower arms in correlation with rapid jumps. The use of the rope also improves coordination, as you must time your jumps accurately with the passing of the rope under your feet. The activity is equivalent to running at an 8-mph pace. With the use of a pedometer, you can track the number of jumps you complete in an interval or total workout. Combined with a stopwatch, a pedometer also allows you to determine your jump rate. Wearing the pedometer around your waist with a belt or clip is ideal for accurate measurement.

    To determine your pace, time your jumping interval and read the number of jumps on your pedometer display screen upon completion. Divide your overall time by the number of jumps. For example, if you jump for one minute and complete 40 jumps, your rate is 40 jumps per minute.

Jumping Jacks

  • Jumping jacks provide an upper- and lower-body workout that increases your body's range of motion and improves aerobic stamina. Using a pedometer, you can determine your endurance by tracking how many jumping jacks you can complete before becoming too tired. Wearing the pedometer while you jump will trigger the internal pendulum to move and track your individual jumps. You can also calculate your pace by timing your jumping jack routine and dividing the result by the number of jumps counted by the pedometer. Knowing your average pace and capabilities, you can determine an ideal workout that will challenge your body.


  • Trampoline exercises burn calories and increase aerobic capabilities with low impact. Single-person mini trampolines are often used in workout classes and in personal households. These workouts include but are not limited to anything from basic jumping to prancing, squatting or step-ups. A pedometer records each of these exercise styles, as they all result in your body moving up and down on the trampoline. Timing these motions allows for you to determine your jump-repetition rate when you calculate your pace. Simply choose a time measurement such as minutes or seconds and divide it by the number of jumps shown on your pedometer's display screen.

Crossfit Tire Jumps

  • Tire jumps are performed on the side or in the center of a large tractor tire. This exercise improves aerobic ability when you do it at a rapid pace. Using the middle of the tire also improves balance and agility, as you must jump and balance one foot on each side of the tire while keeping yourself upright and centered for several seconds on each repetition. A pedometer will detect your vertical movement and track each jump that you complete. As with other jumping exercises, you can combine the pedometer with stopwatch usage to determine your pace and endurance time. Worn near your waistline for accurate recording, the pedometer pendulum will move to track each jump and display the count on the display screen. Determine your final time on your stopwatch and divide this number by the jump count on your pedometer.

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