A Summary of P90x Workouts


P90X is a home workout program designed by personal trainer Tony Horton and marketed by fitness giant Beachbody. The program includes 12 different workouts which Beachbody markets as being "extreme." Before starting P90X, learn a bit about these workouts and get the clearance from your doctor before taking them on.

Get Ripped

  • P90X features seven strength training workouts. Most of these workouts target specific areas of the body. The targeted area is indicated by descriptive titles like "Chest, Shoulders & Triceps" and "Back & Biceps." Most of the strength training routines require dumbbells or resistance bands, but they also make use of body weight exercises like dips, pushups and pullups. The "Ab Ripper X" routine is an exception. It requires no equipment other than a mat, as it consists solely of crunches and other core exercises.

Break a Sweat

  • P90X also includes cardio workouts in the form of "Plyometrics," "Kenpo X" and "Cardio X." Plyometrics is a jump training routine; the exercises in the video include explosive leaps and jumps that work your lower body while raising your heart rate. "Kenpo X" is a martial arts routine that includes kicks, punches and blocks. The "Cardio X" routine combines elements of both plyometrics and martial arts.

Stretch It Out

  • P90X has two workouts designed to increase flexibility: "Yoga X" and "X Stretch." "Yoga X" is a 90-minute yoga routine designed to improve your flexibility while giving you a light strength training workout. The "X Stretch" routine is what Beachbody calls an "active recovery" routine. It's an optional workout that features stretches designed to improve your flexibility.

Putting It Together

  • The P90X workouts fit together in a 90-day -- or 13-week -- schedule. There are three different P90X schedules designed for different goals. The "classic" schedule includes an even mix of cardio and strength training. It's designed for the typical user who wants to build muscle and trim a few pounds. If you're looking to lose weight then Beachbody recommends the "lean" schedule which includes more cardio and less strength training. If you're looking for the biggest fitness improvements, the "doubles" schedule follows the "classic" schedule but adds a second workout on some days.

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