How to Keep Track of Followers on Tumblr


While many users maintain their Tumblr blog as a social statement, it's also a blogging platform. As with any blog, knowing your statistics helps you understand your audience and see what works. The simplest way to keep track of your Tumblr followers is to use the built-in "Activity" page to view statistics. However, you can also connect your Tumblr account to third-party services to see which users follow you and which do not.

Tumblr Activity Statistics

  • When you visit the activity page for your Tumblr blog -- located at -- you'll see information about your blog on the right sidebar. At a glance, you can see how many followers you have; if you click the "Followers" button, you'll see a list of users who follow your blog. Another button on the sidebar is "Activity," which provides more information. Click the "Activity" button to see any new followers and new notes. You can filter this information to the last month, the last week, the last three days and the last 24 hours.

Friend or Follow

  • Friend or Follow offers tracking services not just for Tumblr, but also for Twitter and Instagram. You have to create an account on the website to begin tracking your followers. You can choose to use a free account, or a premium account for additional features. Once you've linked your Tumblr account, you'll be able to see which users you follow who do not follow you back ("Following"), users that follow you who you do not follow ("Fans") and users who you both follow and who follow you ("Friends").

  • With a simple interface, loads up a list of users you follow who do not follow you -- allowing you to cull users you don't interact with from your Tumblr dashboard. You do not need an account to use this service, but you must authorize it with Tumblr so that it can pull up your follower information. This service does not track when new users follow you. It's only effective if you want to avoid users who do not follow you back.

Tumblr Stalkr

  • Tumblr Stalkr stores your follower information the first time you connect your account, and then allows you to watch to see which users unfollow you. As with other services, you can use Tumblr Stalkr to see blogs you follow that do not reciprocate, as well as followers you do not also follow. You can see new followers by checking the information about users you don't follow, and get information about which users unfollowed your blog.

Potential Problems With Follower Tracking

  • Some services that track follower statistics can cause excessive strain on the Tumblr servers -- which is against Tumblr's terms of use. Some services, such as Missing E, have chosen to discontinue their follower tracking services in order to fit in line with those terms. Others, such as TumQuit, discontinued services due to problems keeping up with the demand on the website. This means that there's no guarantee that an alternative service you depend on today will still be available in six months.

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