Treadmill Exercises for a Man Over 60


Treadmill exercises improve cardiovascular health and can help a man over 60 maintain or reduce his body weight. According to HeartMart, men over 60 should invest in a treadmill that has a long running deck, safety handles, and adjustable suspension so the treadmill absorbs the shock of walking and running -- and a treadmill that has motion controls instead of a control panel. This will ensure you have an enjoyable and safe treadmill experience.

Basic Walking Exercise

  • If new to treadmill exercise, begin by walking several days each week to improve stamina and build cardiovascular endurance. Step onto the treadmill platform and use resistance level one. You can gradually increase the resistance of the treadmill, working up to greater intensity as your body becomes accustomed to using a treadmill. Walk for 30 to 60 minutes, using a consistent pace. With time, increase the pace of your walk. Daily exercise, including treadmill walking is beneficial for reducing your risk of disease and will help you achieve your overall fitness goals.

Power Walking Exercise

  • Power walking is more vigorous than ordinary walking. By incorporating power walking into your routine you will burn extra calories and stay fit. To power walk, walk at a brisk pace, tightening up all of your muscles and pumping your arms as you walk. Your abs must be tight to add resistance to your walking routine. This enhances the benefit of your cardiovascular workout on the treadmill when you exercise over 60. Try power walking between ordinary walking routines on the treadmill.

Interval Training

  • Interval training includes incorporating sprint training or running into your treadmill walks. This enhances your overall fitness and calorie-burning ability on the treadmill. Work intervals into your training gradually as you become accustomed to using a treadmill as a man over 60. Begin a workout by warming up, walking easily for one to three minutes. Power walk next for two minutes followed by a brisk run for two minutes. Repeat these steps for up to 10 times. When finished you can cool down by walking at a slow pace for three to five minutes.

Treadmill Hill Climbing

  • Hill climb by raising the incline on your treadmill which will help gradually improve your strength and stamina. Start your workout by walking for three minutes. Increase the incline of the treadmill two levels every 30 seconds, then walk for two minutes at level one incline again to rest your body. Begin your incline again. Remember to increase the incline of the treadmill two levels for each 30 seconds climbed, walking two minutes between. This routine mimics outdoor hill climbing.

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