Can Doing 50 Pushups and Situps Every Day Make You Strong?


Although hitting the gym for weightlifting workouts and using various types of fitness equipment can be beneficial for improving your fitness level, keeping things simple works as well. Going back to basics and performing exercises such as pushups and situps can provide an effective and convenient workout option. Performing 50 repetitions of each exercise can help you enhance your fitness level, although it may not be the most efficient way of increasing raw strength and power. Consult your doctor before starting any fitness program.

Pushups Benefits

  • When performing pushups, you use muscles of your upper body to lift your body weight up and down repeatedly. Performing pushups everyday will help promote strength in your chest muscles, or pectorals, your triceps and your deltoids, which are located in your shoulders. Strengthening these muscles can help you throw a football farther, swing a golf club with more force or push a stroller up a hill more easily. From an aesthetic standpoint, pushups may help tone your arms and shoulders.

Situp Benefits

  • As with pushups, situps don't require any special equipment, but they can still help you improve your fitness level. Rather than targeting your upper body, situps help strengthen your abdominal muscles. Having strong abdominal muscles can help you improve your posture and may also aid your balance and stability, particularly when you change directions while playing sports.

Effect of 50 Repetitions

  • Obviously, the type of exercise you perform will have a significant effect on which muscles get stronger. But the number of repetitions make a difference as well. Higher numbers of repetitions -- such as 50 -- tend to promote muscular endurance, or the ability of your muscles to produce a moderate amount of force over and over again. In other words, performing 50 pushups daily is more effective for training your muscles to withstand taking a high number of shots in hockey simultaneously rather than training your muscles to put significantly more force on each individual shot.

Strength Improvement Strategies

  • Performing 50 pushups and situps each day can help you enhance your muscular endurance dramatically. But if you want to promote power and strength more effectively, consider performing these exercises with weights for fewer repetitions. Adding resistance and performing fewer repetitions can help enhance strength and power, even if you're performing the same exercises. You can also perform machine exercises such as the chest press and cable crunch with a low-rep, high-resistance setup.

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