Can I Use Soda Pop in Brownies?


It might seem weird to dump a can of your favorite cola into a brownie mix, but soda makes for an excellent substitute not only for eggs, but other high-fat ingredients you typically find in brownies -- like oil -- and can help cut down the calories associated with eggs. If you're not cutting calories, but you still need to replace the eggs, adding soda to your next batch of brownies works as a suitable substitute. And, since brownies don't use eggs for leavening, you won't have to add in additional ingredients for a successful brownie.


  • In brownies, eggs provide moisture and help bind ingredients together because they contain natural emulsifying agents -- which help bind egg and fat together in a recipe -- and a strong protein structure. Using soda provides your brownies with enough liquid to bind everything together, so you still get a moist brownie, but the added sugar content from your soda might create a chewier texture with crispier borders, and sweeter taste too. Also, the carbonation gives your brownies additional leavening, so you might notice they rise more during baking and have a slightly lighter crumb than if you had used eggs. Due to the coloring of some sodas, your brownies might take on a slightly darker or lighter color -- depending on the soda used. Cola, for example, yields a darker brownie.


  • You can add any type of soda you’d like to brownies, but the flavor alters the taste of your finished product. Since brownies have a prominent chocolate flavor, avoid sodas that are fruity -- like orange or grape. Instead, stick to colas or even cherry cola varieties to complement the flavor of the brownie. You can, however, use a diet soda in place of regular soda.

Premade Mix

  • Soda mixes well into commercially prepared brownie mixes. When using soda, you’ll need to omit a few ingredients. For premade brownie mix, use 12 ounces of soda per every 22 ounce brownie mix. There’s no need to add eggs, water or oil called for in the recipe -- just use the soda. Increase the baking time by five to 10 minutes. Oil provides smoothness in brownies. Using soda instead of oil might create a moist, but crumbly texture to your finished product.


  • In homemade brownies use the soda pop to replace the eggs called for in your brownie recipe. Use 12 ounces of soda for every three eggs required in the recipe. Baking time might need an increase of five to 10 minutes on homemade mixes as well for everything to set properly.

Other Uses

  • Soda can also be used with boxed cake mix to give it a light, airy texture and interesting flavor. Use 12 ounces of your desired soda flavor for every 22 ounce cake mix. Omit the oil and eggs required in the recipe -- the soda will replace them. If your homemade cake mix calls for three eggs, use 12 ounces of your desired soda flavor for every three eggs.

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